Welcome to my life…

Hello there, m'dears. You may be asking why on earth I have this thing, this blog. Then again, you might not be asking anything at all. You might be staring at the screen like your average brainwashed internet-addict, barely comprehending a word that you're reading. Then again (again), you may not be there at all. I may be speaking to nobody, or perhaps I am speaking to a ghost. You never know, for anything is possible on the marvelous Internet. Well, what brought me to make this, you might also be asking. One of my (now former) teachers had a site made for him by one of his students. So, I told myself that I should like to see what I can do with this, because, well, I'm bored.

Boredom is such a lovely thing that leads to so many new discoveries. Surely that whoever invented the telephone was bored, and they wanted to talk to somebody not exactly next door. And honestly, why would you work on something unless you were bored? My logic is astonishing, I know. Such simple little things, but such big concepts that I can so easily put into perspective…I'm sure you find my thoughts to be ever so intriguing. I know I would, if I wasn't myself. But, I am, so I just find my thoughts to be cleverly amusing.

I will leave you now with a final adieu. Of course, it will not be final, for I must come back and keep you updated on all the events of my wondrous life. I'm sure that you are now asking yourself, or perhaps your computer, just what wondrous things my life contains. Oh, I assure you, my life is one of the most interesting and captivating things known to mankind. If I could insert deep, scathing sarcasm into typed words, I would. But in any case, I will be back. I will not leave you here, stranded all alone. I will bring the lifeboat with me. Enough of the metaphors; they're getting worse. Yes, I do talk to myself. I'm better company than you are. Sometimes. It depends on what kind of mood I am in. Ah, I'm rambling once more. I shall stop, and let you leave freely. Adieu! 


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