It’s All in the Heart

Today in Bible class (as in the church Bible class, not the school one), our family life minister brought in his friend for us to meet and hear about. His friend is a seventy year old man who is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to do things that most of us take for granted. He can’t even feed himself. Now, you ask, what’s so special about this? Well, this man, has the biggest heart for God. He let God use him, handicapped as he was, to spread the love of the Saviour to people. He became a missionary in Portugal. That is where he met his wife as well. This man is a huge inspiration. He used his limited means to make a huge impact. It’s not exactly easy to understand what he says, but his smile is filled with such a light. He was thought to be worthless, but God used him. What excuses do we have?


2 thoughts on “It’s All in the Heart

  1. hey. i just felt like commenting because well i can… woo hoo for me!!!!!!!!!! so i am commenting on this because… ugh i dunno. i just felt like typing to you because im bored……… yeah

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