Wacky Musicians

I suppose that this post doesn't fully apply only to musicians. Instead, it's more of a commentary on all forms of insanity. Musicians are just generally crazy…just take a look at the school band (or the GREAT ALMIGHTY ORCHESTRA). Any of them. Jazz, honors jazz, concert, marching, and all that, they're all insane. Wooten was talking about how we're more normal now than we'll ever be if we continue in music. It seems like music warps the mind into something strange and unique that the rest of humankind cannot comprehend. It's like a warp…like the school! The school has its own time zone, I promise! That place is so odd. Paranormal happenings have been noted all over. Walgreens has infiltrated our defenses without our knowledge. SOMETHING is living in the honors biology/honors chemistry/AP biology/whatever else she teaches room. There's more, but I don't wish to frighten you.

Anyways, back to music. I would like to call myself a musician, though I am not even proficient. I sing (kind of), I play flute, and I would like to play sax if I can ever figure that beast out. Alto sax. Most of my friends are musicians, though not all. We have trumpets (well, one), clarinets, VIOLIN, a bassoon, my fellow flutes, and a smattering of percussion/guitars/basses.

So, now we come to the conclusion that all musicians are indeed insane, wacky, crazy, mentally ill, whatever. By the way, the only guys who have ever "liked" me were musicians. (…) Let's see…trombone dude, guitarist, guitarist/bassist, sax person… See? So, unless you count kindergarten and first grade, all of the guys who liked me were crazy.

So, is insanity a bad thing? I think not. Who want to be normal anyways?


2 thoughts on “Wacky Musicians

  1. Insanity is not a bad thing. My parents met in an 80’s cover band, so I’ve been around it all my life. I’ve been on two national tours. You have to be crazy to put up with the stuff you do in order to go far with music, the sacrifices and stuff.

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