I'd like to use this post to fulfill more than one purpose. The first purpose is to thank my friends. The second is to explain just why I feel so blessed to have them. It may not make much sense, but I believe that I have the specific friends that I have because God placed each one of them in my life for a reason. I have the ones who sympathize and allow me to have my occasional pity party. I have those who give me the cold hard truth even when it hurts. I also have those who I disagree with and help me to develop my own convictions. I have those that I've grown apart from, even though I will always love them as a sister or brother in Christ, whether or not they feel the same way. Now, in my most recent…issue, I've had so many friends to help me pick myself back up. I had some people who I thought of as friends, but who I now realize have little or no empathy for others. My eyes have been disillusioned, but that is no terrible thing. I just get to see the world in all shades of colors, instead of the bright, happy side that I used to only see. More perspective. The world isn't perfect, but there are people who can make it seem that way. Now, there are a few friends that are absolutely wonderful, like the one who brought me tons of chocolate that I gorged on, or the one who held me when I couldn't stop crying, or the one who listened to me without any judgement, or the one(s) who threatened to beat up whoever was hurting me. I won't give names, 'cause I don't think they'd exactly like that (considering that anybody can read this), but they all know who they are. Or at least, they should.

Now, my friends were all in place when I needed them the most. If I didn't have them, I have no doubt that my depression would have increased tenfold. Yes, I did have my faith to rely on, and it did help me tremendously, but without my friends in place, I don't know if I could have ever seen the light of day again. God has blessed me so much with family and friends who love me for who I am and don't want me to change myself. They're all so amazing, and I thank God every day for them. As the last stanza in a poem says:

The loyalty of a friend
can keep the waters down.
Friendship can chase away
even the darkest of gloom.
The faithfulness of a friend
can heal the hurts left
by time spent in the dark.

I doubt you really care about what a silly little poem says, but those lines describe my friends perfectly. Well, that's all I have to say, so I'll let you leave my ramblings.


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. felt like since I am one of your friends, i should probably write something nice and meaningful, but I’m just bad at that stuff. just turn on a chick flick if you want to pretend i said something great, lol. no, in all seriousness ( i know i never do that, but here goes) you’ve been a blessing this year. Being friends in Spanish is the only way i got through that class (always seemed like it was in a foreign language). See ya this summer.

  2. I’m not too sure about that… neway, will u post the advice for freshmen thing if i email it all to ya? YOU ARE MY HERO! YOU ARE PERFECT EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT YOU’RE A LOSER. and amazingly enough, i miss a particular guy in our group *shudder*

  3. i love ya!!!!!!!! and fifth period wouldnt have been the same without you. ill try to get fifth period spanish with you again, and then stage this thing where one of my frnds hates me and i cry and go to the bathroom and mr coplen asks his wife how many girls to send and then he says three may go and then you and emma and ck can comfort me whilst i cry over what lm (jsut ask me lata what ck and lm mean) said to me. will that make you happy? hahaha jk

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