Summertime Ramblings

I have no great words of wisdom for this post. (Like my words are ever wise…) But anyways, I’m only writing because I want to write, not because I really have anything to say.

The monotony of summer is starting to set in. You wake up, eat breakfast, lie around for a couple hours, eat lunch, lie around some more, eat dinner, go to bed. Of course, there’s some other stuff strewn in there, but that’s the gist of it. I haven’t really done anything since having to play at graduation, and that hardly counts, ’cause it was required. Trust me, I wouldn’t sit through that thing out of my own free will. What I find to be…taxing, is that whenever somebody plans something, it has to be the same time as something else. Anybody else have this problem? The whole month of June (well, most of it) I’m free. There are two “big” things going on. They’re scheduled for the same weekend. Goodness. Well, one’s not set in stone yet, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m extremely excited about my trip to Florida. I might become nearly two shades darker than I am normally! Which means, I might be the color of a normal person in winter! I’ve been trying out this “subtle” tanning lotion on my legs, forgetting (of course) that I need to also put it on my feet…now there’s a very “subtle” difference between my legs and feet.

 If Emma dearest would get me the advice for freshmen, I’d actually have something entertaining to put up here. 

Well, I’ll be volunteering at the “Princess Tea Party” down at the library, which is absolutely lovely. I get to put up with a bunch of five year olds practicing being royal pains darlings. Ah well, it’ll give me some of those “non-Christian” service hours the school so desperately requires. Man, I am just full of sarcasm today.

The day after the tea party, I’ll be going over to a friend’s house, so that should be fun. See? I do have a life, despite what some may say. (Like, Micah…for examples, lol. He’s so mean to me! *sniffle*)

Well, I’ll end this with a have a good day and God bless!


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