Time Demons

They are coming.

No, they're here!

Okay, so there aren't little black creatures with big ears and red, beady eyes hopping around with magical wands warping time for us poor mortals. But there is something going on. The hours of the day fly by. However, it's still only Tuesday. By now, it feels like it should be Friday of next week!

Speaking of time demons and warps…school. My goodness, that place has a time zone of its own. When I get there in the morning, my clock is a little slow compared to the school's clock. When I leave, though, it's almost five minutes faster. That place…up on a hill…overlooking the world…keeping us prisoners…CALCATRAZ! Run for you lives! Naw, I like my school.

Oh, funny story. I'm going for a walk (I do that often) when I see this kid about my age. He starts talking to me, and so does the girl he was talking with before. He asked me where I went to school, and I told him. He then said, "Ooo rich kid." I almost said, "Whoa, look at where you're living, kiddo," but I restrained myself. He went on to say that the place was like a prison, and the doors slammed behind you like prison doors, but we had a nice football field.

Yeah, random I know. Time, time, time. Isn't that a song? Yes, it is! A Sugarland song. I'll quit spreading my insanity now. Well, for now. Whatever.


2 thoughts on “Time Demons

  1. ok… school is amazing. our frnds happen to BE at our school. and someone special (to me) said that he thinks all the kids at our school except him and me and a couple of my frnds (aka you and others) are all rich snobs. which is mean. but thats okay. for rill

  2. Most of the kids at school aren’t rich, but I have to say that many are snobbish, or can be snobbish at times. But that’s anywhere. I’d say that the majority of the kids are middle class…well, their parents are. Middle-upper class.

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