That would be the emotion I felt today. Extreme amusment, and extreme confusion as well. Extremely amused confusion. I'll have to give you the background so you'll fully understand where I'm coming from.

Mum, brother, and I went to Target to pick up a few (well, a lot of) things. They're dragging along at such a slow pace that I decide to go look at the CDs. Of course, I find the place to be less than satisfactory and start organizing things in my small little way…but that would be under "Ramblings". I'll go on about that another day. Anyways, I pick up the Miranda Lambert CD, Kerosene, and continue on my way. I try to find mi madre y mi hermano, but fail in locating them. I see these two kids coming by me in the isle, but I pay no heed. I mean, come on, we're in a store. Why would a pay attention? Well, one kid looks up at me and asks me, "Do you like me?" I give him a strange look, but before I can say anything, he asks, "Will you go out with me?" Come on, this kid looks to be like maybe ten years old! I just walk away, laughing.

It was a rather amusing experience, like I said before. Well, that's my INTERESTING post of the day. A ten-year-old asking me out. Goodness.


One thought on “Amusement

  1. as i said earlier linds, if you keep being so picky you’ll never ever get a boyfriend… lol. was he a hot 10 year old? lol, just wondering… neway, think u should do a post about me and rach calling everyone by their last names…funny stuff

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