The Moon

There's another thing that I noticed on my walk today. The moon. Have you ever really looked at the moon? Seen its face? Well, as I was looking, I saw something new. There's an expression on its face. I saw a look of horror, disgust. Perhaps for what the Earth is doing to its own. How many hearts are broken every day? How many lives ruined through selfishness and greed? How many children growing up never knowing love? How many people lost through the ways of the world? I saw something else in the moon's face, though. Sorrow. I saw tears. It cares. Whenever you feel afraid, lost, and alone, remember this: the moon is there. Even when you can't see it, remember. It's always there, watching you. Caring about you. I can see the moon as the eye of God, watching His children and weeping for them when they get hurt.


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