Advice for Freshmen (Part VI)

Basic Freshmen Stuff

  • Acting like you hate your fellow freshmen won’t get the upperclassmen to like you. You’ll just have the whole highschool against you.
  • You really do have to read your summer reading book. (Animal Farm)
  • Don’t insult a senior audibly…ever.
  • No matter how many upperclassmen you’re friends with, you’ll always be a stupid freshmen.
  • Sadly, seniors really are cooler.
  • Revel in your stupidity; it only lasts a year.
  • Embarrass yourself, or somebody else will do it for you.
  • Make friends with people in your homeroom. You’re stuck with them ALL FOUR YEARS!
  • If a senior says, “Stupid freshman”, never come back with “stupid senior”, because then you really are a stupid freshman.
  • Stupid sophomore doesn’t work either.
  • Never try to reinvent something an upperclassman has already done.

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