Advice for Freshmen

General Advice


  • As Mr. Coplen advised us last year, “If a guy says, ‘Watch this,’ then he’s going to do something stupid.”
  • The library can hunt you down if you don’t turn in your books until the last week of school.
  • Be in a music group; it’s the only way to go on a cool trip.
  • Get exempt from all the finals you can; you don’t want to have to take them.
  • Only put Ms. Price’s lizard in your textbook if you remember to take it out again.
  • Homework is an oxymoron. Everyone does it at school the next morning.
  • Drama is overrated (though it sure brings excitement to a dull day…but in a bad way).
  • Complaining doesn’t help…at all…but if you cry, you’ll get your way.
  • Despite what you see, singing in chapel IS allowed.
  • Ale-8 is the easiest way to make friends.
  • The tissue box is an urban myth. Those who claim to have seen it in teachers’ rooms are delusional.
  • Spirit Week IS rigged. You’ll never win it all, so just give up that idea…lol.
  • You CAN fit four people to a bench in the cafeteria, if you’re REALLY good friends.


2 thoughts on “Advice for Freshmen

  1. They are from all of us. Our advice is amazing. Too bad people won’t be able to understand most of ’em, lol.

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