KJ-52 (for Emma’s pleasure)

As the title says, I’m gonna talk about KJ-52, simply ’cause Emma told me to.

First off, I must say that I do not like rap music, generally speaking. I hardly even consider it music. It’s talking. Talking fast. So when I heard that Emma was taking me to a rap concert (well, he was only part of it, but whatever), I was like…okay then. This should be…interesting. Well, it turns out that this guy, KJ-52, is amazing. I had never heard him before, but now…wow. God’s got big plans for this one. And like Emma commented before, check out his website…free music.


3 thoughts on “KJ-52 (for Emma’s pleasure)

  1. yeah? whose prayers am i in and why? i’m just really.. frustrated might be the word.. my brain doesn’t want to work with my heart… i’m thinking too much and i can’t lay it out so neone else can get it

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