A Random Little Poem

Like the title states, this is a poem of no importance. It's really not very good. *sigh* But here it is, anyway.

Searching, questing,
for a precious jewel
only thought by many
to be nothing
but a rock.

Seeking, looking
for a little lamb
only thought by many
to be good for nothing
but slaughter.

Pursuing, hunting
for a love beyond my own
only thought by many
to be nothing
but weakness.

Finding, receiving,
a gem more precious
than the riches of the earth
for they will soon pass
but this lives forever.

Getting, giving
that love so abounding
deeper than the love of any
because of His love
for all of us.


4 thoughts on “A Random Little Poem

  1. um…
    a) dont put my real name on there!!!!!!! some sick prv is gonna find me!!!!!!
    b) how do i link to your site?????
    c) loved it as always!!!!!

  2. i wanna link to your site!!!!!!! how??????????? and try and convince my frnd to get a wordpress blog… and tell emms… about mine i mean. and coplen

  3. linds.. your poetry is soo beautiful..and.. guess what? you’re fears are completely unprecidented because it didn’t come off the least bit corny/cheesy… man, you’re a writer..how many times have i told u? neway, want to send u an email about the love like this that i sent to (insert first name here of my friend named after a piece of clothing)… neway.. i’ll email it to ya.. love ya tons chick

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