More Ponderings

"…I guess if you don't jump
you'll never know if you can fly…"

"When you get the choice
to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance."

"Children, don't stop dancing
believe you can fly

"I don't wanna spend my life jaded, waitin'
to wake up some day and find
that I let all these years go by

A common theme? Well, why else would I put all these lyrics up? The first is off of New Strings, a song by Miranda Lambert. The second is from…well, you should know it. It's a country song that has been horribly overplayed, but it's cute. The third is from Don't Stop Dancing, a song by Creed. The final one is from Carrie Underwood's Wasted.

These are some of the lyrics that stick in my head and eat at my brain and actually make me think. These in particular make me think of the time that I have wasted and squandered on useless junk that will never really matter in life. Wasted…and sat out when I could have had a blast.

I dunno… It just really sticks. Live life to the fullest, never let it pass you by.


6 thoughts on “More Ponderings

  1. I definitely relate.. after freshmen year was over i went home and cried… (i know, i know, no one thought that would ever happen) but, it stinks how many times i didn’t laugh a little bit more and worry a bit less… like… dancing with [blank]! if he’s reading this i’m sry.. lol.. but after the whole.. he and [blank] thing.. i wouldn’t dance with him.. horrible i knwo.. neway, i feel bad about it now, cuz he got up guts enough to ask me and it was kind of a tradition from homecoming.. him teaching me to dance and all (good thing that he’s persistent or i would have sat down the entire time).. neway, that meant a lot to me… u know? as an amazing friend he was making me feel soo much better that dance then i did at winter ball bc i didn’t have ne one to dance with.. neway, if he reads this… I WILL DANCE WITH YOU ANYTIME NOW! lol… love ya! (that “love ya” was to lindsay. .not [blank]… whoa)

  2. lol, but of course, ’cause I’m absolutely amazing. I’ll dance with you! lol. We need to get all the dateless girls together for homecoming so we can go bowling or something before…hehe…and be total dorks, which is ever so much fun.

  3. yeah, homecoming will be amazing!!!!!! me, u, annelle, but, for some reason, i’m thinking no blinn.. why would that be????????????????????

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