The Corridor of Dreams

Bare feet padded along the trail, nearly silent. Her shoes had been shed long ago. Or, not so long ago. It was hard to tell the time in this place of eternal night. Again, Elle walked through the corridor of dreams. This corridor is like none other in the world, because it is not actually of the world. Instead, it is…well, the stuff of dreams. To Elle, the place looked like a night sky lit with billions of foreign stars and constellations. Doors were etched into the sky, going on infinitely. This place is hard to explain in words, though many have tried. Actually, very few have, because very few have seen it. Some may have glimpsed it in a dream, some may have purposefully sought it out. Some may have been born merely for the purpose of exploring the corridor of dreams.


4 thoughts on “The Corridor of Dreams

  1. yo. whats up? hows it going? i really didnt read this story.. ill read it lata…. promise. i just wnated to comment and say thanks for hooking me up with links and my calendar. and for making yourself my editor. feel free to write on my blog anytime. just clarify to my adoring fans who are. and of course, you may give glory to yourself, for helping me create my wonderful blog. you are my inspriation…..!!!!!! love ya girl

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