Notepad Thoughts

Those who don’t want to, I’d suggest not reading the following. I was bored, and started typing in Notepad. It’s just what came up, so don’t read into it.

He heard me sing.

He said I had a beautiful voice.

I guess he lied.

He saw me.

He said I was beautiful.

I guess he lied.

He knew me.

He said he loved me.

I guess he lied.

Wondering about the lying part? Well, say somebody tells you something at one point in time, then completely goes back on that at another point in time. Are you more inclined to believe that the person changed, or that they lied to begin with?

Just some thoughts. My voice is going out, which is BAD, ’cause I have a voice lesson tomorrow. I can still sing, though it’s not as clear or pretty. (If you ever thought my voice was pretty…if that’s the case, I suggest you get your ears checked.) My range has been shortened a bit as well, which really stinks. I’m being limited to the middle of my range.


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