New Scheme.

No, I don’t mean “scheme” as in “devious plan” or anything like that. I mean, layout. You like? I’m not so sure about it. It looks cluttered to me, and squished. I’ll probably change it sometime soon, but I was getting bored with the old one.

Edit: I had to change it. It was bothering me greatly. So…how about this one?


11 thoughts on “New Scheme.

  1. I love the scheme! Leave it! So today was the beginning of our gradual enslavement to the evil tyranny of school. They put the handcuffs on gradually and as we got our schedules today some people were misguided enough to actually believe that school would be fun, that they “couldn’t wait”. Two weeks into school though, the cuffs are locked and you are chained to the locker-filled hallways. My only hope is the chocolate stash that is my locker

  2. she’s talking about your scheme
    that’s what these comments are supposed to be about but i ruin things like that… sry

  3. Locker # 617
    [My locker doesn’t exist at the moment…We looked and looked for it, finally asked the office, and discovered that they are building more lockers in the little nook by the stairs. So I am going to be smashed by a herd of buffalo. And my books will look like pancakes. woo hoo. It was pretty funny that we couldn’t find it, though.]

    1. Band [Wooten]
    2. Hon. Chem. [Gibby]
    3. Bible II [Akin]
    4. Hon. Civ. [Wallen]
    5. Hon. Alg. II [Davis]
    6. Span. II [Bonafede]
    7. Hon. Eng. II [Rash]

    If you have Godby, I’m angry at you. [Yes, Linz, that includes you.] I have heard some things about Rash…

    And I have 2nd lunch. This is a very long post….I ‘spose I’m done now. Adios.

  4. I have Godby! haha… Anyway, I have Algebra with ya and a ton of people are in our class! And I have world civ with ya… It’s all good

  5. You do?? World Civ?? I thought we didn’t have any classes together. Here, I’ll go ahead and post my schedule…in a new entry, of course.

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