I actually went to play tryouts today. I’m not really sure why, ’cause acting is not my thing. Well, hey, might as well try.

I was fighting sleep through the whole day. I stayed up fairly late last night trying to study for a world civ quiz that I ended up doing not so great on anyway. Luckily, I don’t have too much homework tonight, so I should be able to go to bed early.

So, anyway. At the play tryouts, there’s this freshman. Okay, there’s a lot of ’em, but I’m sitting down on stage talking to people and she says, “I love your earrings!! Did I already say that? No, I didn’t, so nevermind. OMG!! I LOVE YOUR EYES! They’re so pretty! From here, they look blue, but…” She paused so she could run over to the other side of me, “from here they look green! They’re so pretty! You’re just so pretty!” I laugh, wondering if why she’s so…extremely hyper. I still don’t know her name, but whatever. I’m bad at names, and I’m sure she’ll forgive me.

There was one scene that I found extremely amusing…I’ll do my best to remember what exactly happens.

Girl: There you-
Guy: Hush! Come here…
Girl: What?
Guy: Let me hold you…
Girl: *says something I can’t remember*
Guy: *says something about getting rid of her boss and not letting him bother them anymore…*
Girl: Ooo Dangerous! Be careful!
Guy: Come up to my room! We have plans to make.

I was definitely paraphrasing, and I got a lot of it wrong, but that last line made me laugh sooo hard. You see, my freshman choir buddy said it…aka, my lover, lol. He told me later that he could have done it better if I had been with him ’cause he actually knows me, lol.


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