the Band Room.

I went to the bandroom after school today because my mom was picking me up a bit late. I went over and sat down in the corner where Mr. W and some other people were sitting and talking and listening to some music. As soon as I sat, W said, “So, you’re joining marching band? We can get you a uniform and ready to play for tomorrow night.” I look at him and laugh. He amuses me greatly. Of course, he knows I’m much too lazy for marching band, and he was joking ’cause tomorrow’s their last show. Then he said, “So, do you have a question, or are you just in here?” I said, “I’m just in here.” He said, “Cool,” and went back to nodding his head to the music.

 He also threw a ball and nearly knocked down our entire trophy shelf…but luckily God cared for our trophies. I was laughing. Quite hysterically, actually. I needed a good laugh.

 I have more to say, but it’s getting late. Mayhap tomorrow I shall come back and inform thee of the drills…heh. I think you’ll enjoy my stories. Maybe not. Whatever.


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