I attend a rather conservative school. It is a private Christian school, where most students pick up on the right winged political views of their parents. Today, one such student in my world civilization class made a comment that somewhat angered me. It went along the lines of this: “I don’t see how you can be a Christian and hold some Democratic views.” Before making the statement, she had asked if there were any Democrats in the room. I raised my hand, but she didn’t see me as she was in front of me. I know for a fact that there was at least one other Democrat in that class, but that is irrelevant. The statement could be taken as meaning either that all Democrats can’t be Christians, or Democrats with a specific set of beliefs can’t be Christians. Either way, the comment just showed how closed-minded people can be. One’s political party can have little to do with their religion. It can greatly influence some and hardly effect others. The statement and following comments also (somewhat) implied that you are constrained to every view of your party and cannot differ. Perhaps I am too young to truly have an opinion on this matter, as I know that I do pick up many of my views from my parents. However, I was always taught to look at everything from everybody’s point of view, not just my own. I can see where people are coming from (generally), even if I don’t agree. Such as, and I hesitate to bring up such a touchy subject, abortion. Most of my friends and teachers believe that all abortion is completely wrong. Now, I do not support abortion. I don’t believe that it’s morally right. However, I know deep in my heart that it is not my place to judge others. I also think that because it is a moral decision, the government doesn’t have the right to abolish it. And while that would potentially (and most likely) help with the moral decline of our nation, should we not, as Christians, persuade others with words, not laws? Touch others with our hearts, not the courts? Such things are useful, but America was built on freedom of religion. Not freedom from religion, but freedom of religion. I believe that some things are moral choices that the government has no right to push on people. Should we not stay true to the basis of our country?


9 thoughts on “Warning.

  1. beautifully put. i like this part best: “And while that would potentially (and most likely) help with the moral decline of our nation, should we not, as Christians, persuade others with words, not laws??”

    i know i didn’t exactly understand what you were saying before, but that really helped.


  2. You just have to wonder.. if our government isn’t allowed to judge others at all for moral issues.. than murder is okay… u know? u have to have moral laws in government sooner or later… think about the Jewish government… I do believe that eventually it IS okay to judge people.. i mean, u have to take the log out of your own eye, but eventually you have to pick what’s right and wrong.. u can have an open mind, etc. see things from other people’s point of view but eventually a line has got to be drawn at least for you. I admit, I take most of my parents opinions… not all by any means… but most. We should convince others with our words and hearts but I’d be careful saying government can’t make moral distinctions….. love the post though.. very thought out! made me think a ton

  3. also.. i think there are some views of Republicans and Democrats that it would be hard for me to 100% agree with because I am a Christian. I think I’m going to mainly vote on the particular person not the group… choosing what’s important to me… i’ll put a great link up here very soon… article made me think

  4. What I meant with the judging part was that I, personally, wasn’t going to judge anybody. I mean, yeah, I have my own opinions, but just because I think something is a certain way doesn’t mean that it actually is.

    But really, since it doesn’t affect me personally (at this moment in time), I don’t feel the need to be completely firm in what I believe on that particular issue.

    Sooo. Yeah.

  5. lol… just discussing.. man, u can write well… that post was thought out and really really well written.. have i told u that you’re a writer??? a natural born writer.. congrats

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