A Christmas Story

yahh…something I’ve been writing. It’s just the beginning.

His slumped form wandered through the Christmas lights and candy canes without a glance. Not even the reindeer about to take flight took his gaze from the sidewalk in front of his feet. A little puff of fog showed every breath. That and his shuffling feet were the only signs of life in his stooped body as the little girl watched from the window. The first few flakes of winter began to drift down as the nearby fire kept the little girl warm. A new Christmas sweater enveloped her with cozy tenderness as her small fingers pressed gently against the cool glass. “Mommy…who is that man?” her tiny voice piped. An older, more mature child might have been mortified by the use of the endearment from her own mouth, but not Jenny. Her mother walked over, brushing a few stray hairs back into place on her daughter’s head. “Why, that’s old Mr. Shaw. He lives down the block, but I don’t recall ever seeing him outside his home before. Poor old man,” her mother replied with a sad shake of her head. Jenny was slightly bewildered by the obvious sadness in her mother’s tone, but her child’s mind quickly dismissed it as “adult stuff,” and she returned to watching the steady plodding of the man braving the cold winter weather outside. As he turned the corner out of her sight, Jenny turned her back on the window. Entering her gaze first was the large Christmas tree, shining brightly with spirited cheer. The angel atop the tree gazed lovingly down at her family, a beacon of hope so high above.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Story


    I am sorry you feel so bad!! But you are sposed to eat! EAT!!!! FOOD IS MAGNIFICENT!!!

    okay. sorry for that outburst.

    I’m tired.

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