Not All What It Seems

I think that it’s funny how stupid people think I am.

Honestly, do I have “unobservant idiot” painted across my forehead?

I might be a little slow on the uptake every once in a while, but I can usually see what’s right in front of my eyes. I’m not a total moron, believe it or not. I don’t need somebody to outright tell me what’s going on, though that usually happens anyway.

Just because I go along with stuff does not mean that I don’t know what’s really up.

Just a rant. Don’t pay attention to it, and don’t read into it.

I’m tired, and just typing whatever comes up.

I wish people weren’t so moronic. I love them, but I can’t stand them. I thought that they were one way…but they really weren’t. Lies, everything clouded by lies. Everything shrouded in darkness that seems to have come straight from hell.

Why does everything seem so big now? I know that when I look back, this will be all but meaningless. Right now, though, it’s my entire life.

I can’t end on a sad, depressing note. I have to say that I have the absolute best friends in the world. Of course, they’ve contributed the to the little world I built for myself that got brutally shattered. I’ll have to keep the walls down to let others inside, though. So maybe there’s a purpose. God’s will be done in my life.

Thanks to those who pray for me. May God bless your lives abundantly.


5 thoughts on “Not All What It Seems

  1. Hey, have I mentioned how much I love you recently? Cuz it’s still HUGELY true.. okay… Well, hope you’re a little more cheery now and hope I didn’t add to the problem. LOVE YA!!!

  2. Ah, I completely understand. That happens to me sometimes too. You need to post again! This is kinda fun, having another website to check out. It’s stinkin’ SWEET!

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