Emma told me to write this, so I did.

Since I’ve been told to write more, I suppose I shall. So, this is for all of my loverly adoring fans…’cause I have so many, I’m sure. First, I shall impress you with my wittyness…in FOREIGN! Er, in Spanish!

Lindsay (me…der): Espanol es el muerte de mi!

Lindsay (again): No, la clase de Biblia es el muerte de mi!

Emily B: …wouldn’t you be dead?

Lindsay: Si, pero yo tengo una vida nueva en Cristo!

See? Wittyness! Amazingness! A good comeback…in foreign!

I wish I could be that smart around somebody…bah. Don’t you just hate it that you always manage to sound stupid around somebody? Stupid _and_ immature, in my case. I wish I could sound intelligent just once around him. Just once. And maybe not act like I hate him, because I really don’t, despite what I said today…so I guess it’s not mutual, considering that I don’t hate him. Which can get very confusing if you take it any further, but that’s not what I’m going to do. Instead, I will ask you all to pray for my brother, ’cause he’s sick, and for Crissy, ’cause she’s…sick, too, I suppose.


3 thoughts on “Emma told me to write this, so I did.

  1. I kinda like having my name up here in big bold letters… anyway, have u seen “you’ve got mail”? Cuz that movie says exactly what you were saying perfectly, except now I’m going to butcher it….nvm.. I’m not even going to try

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