Mi Dia

So, yah. My day.

At the moment, I’m a bit put out. You see, a friend of mine on a website offered to mail me a gift, but mum won’t let me give out my mailing address. They do card exchanges and stuff all the time, so it’s a wee bit upsetting. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, I went bowling with Shoe and the twins today. Both Ash and Brit have their licenses. Lucky ducks. 🙂 The first game I bowled a 153. I was proud of myself. In the process, I won Switzerland and Sweden. I should have accepted Shoe’s offer of Ireland in the beginning, but I didn’t want to put so much at risk. (And if this makes no sense to you, good for you!) The second game I bowled a 75. Pretty pathetic. I determined that the only reason I did so well the first time was the magical power of my frappacino, which I had been drinking while bowling and promptly finished after the first game.

After bowling, the ‘rents and the bro went to play miniature golf. Or putput. I’m not sure what the difference is, but if it was one and not the other, I do not wish to be misleading. In any case, I merely sat and read Sense and Sensibility, which is turning out to be a marvelously entertaining book, out in the sunlight. While reading, a guy who was working there walked around my table, casually hitting it with his hand, then moved on. Not soon after (perhaps thirty seconds), he returned to stand right in front of me. The sudden appearance of the shadow was not unexpected, as there had been no reason for him to be near me earlier. I answered his question of what I was reading politely. He said he had never heard of it, so I simply replied that it was a classic. To this, he said, “I guess I need to read more,” with a smile. He then walked away. It was a truly odd experience. I would say he was perhaps sixteen or seventeen. Not particularly good-looking, though that only matters when all you’re doing is looking.

Perhaps I lost all of you at the mention of a book. If you’ve tuned out, tune back in. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a Godby quote…) Now I sit here at my computer, steadily typing as though to stop being angry at my mother’s inability to appreciate online communication without her extreme phobia of danger. It’s not that I don’t understand her concern; I do. However, it is a very community-based site, and the Brown Ajah in particular is quite close. They have visited each other, sent cards and presents, and all sorts of other personable actions that show their good intentions. This would make little sense to those who have not read WoT (the Wheel of Time series) or are not on DM (dragonmount, the website). Perhaps I’ll simply have to wait until I’m out of the shelter of my family’s home and out on my own to enjoy the freedom of power over one’s own life and safety. Unfortunately, I have a while to wait.


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