Band Trip ’07

Gatlinburg. One of the most awesome places ever, if I do say so myself. The fudge is awesome, the shops are amazing, and the company was spectacular. So basically, I had a blast. The only thing to spoil the funness was the lack of cooperation between band and choir and the lack of playing well in band. I don’t feel like going into that, though. I must say that I’ve gained ten pounds and am still exhausted, but rather happy. Life is good. Catchphrase is still one of the most awesome games, and pretending to be a potato is still stupid. I am horrible and mini golf, and I am never wearing high heels for four hours ever again. Trying to see if a tennis ball will bounce over my head leaves me with a headache. Jordan managed to not kill himself, miraculously, and I don’t think anybody fell asleep during the awards ceremony, just as miraculously. I am NOT a “little missy.” Nelly looks perfect in ever picture, and Dani, a shower cap is NOT a fashion statement. Throwing chips of wood at pigeons is a mean thing to do, and so is throwing coats at ’em.  Girlfriend is still a stupid song, and I’m not _that_ loud. Big preppy sunglasses are fun. Kyle needs to learn how to smile when looking at the camera, and Mariah is an angel for putting up with him.

So, yeah. Just a school trip. One that was a lot of fun.


4 thoughts on “Band Trip ’07

  1. I mentioned you in the potato thing. Just not directly.

    Actually, I was trying to think of something funny you did, but I was so tired that I couldn’t remember. OOOh. I’ll make an edit…hold on. *poofs*

    *back in for a second and says “SEE NEW STUFF FOR AN ADDITION”*

  2. i second everything! except the potato excersizes. you should try being a potato, its not as easy as it looks. thanks for mentioning me, you’re sweet! and you look adorable in every pic also!
    ooo, fudge is yummy, i gained like 12 pounds, so there!

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