Erm…guess what?

I’m going to prom!

No, seriously. I am. I know, hard to believe.

Anyway, for all you romantic types, it was hardly like that.

So, for some reason yesterday, this junior was hanging out with us after school before the concert and *helping* us with our chemistry homework. Actually, he generally confused me more than helped me. Anyway, by some really weird stroke of coincidental incidentism (yes, I did just make up a word…I can do that. Poetic license), my mom ended up sitting next to his mom at the concert. His mom was telling mine that he wasn’t going to go to prom because of some chess thing he wanted to do. Well, I brought it up with him Friday morning by saying something like, “My mom talked to your mom at the concert last night…and she said you weren’t going to prom.” And he said, “Well, I dunno.” Or something along those lines. Well, I was with the kid for pretty much the entire band class (we had a study hall), ’cause he was playing Pokemon…and I don’t have the new ones…though my brother does… Anyway, I stole it from him a couple times, talked to him, all that jazz. Mostly, being over there meant I got one of the two comfy chairs in the room. Wooten took the other one.

So, the band got to play for the school, ’cause we play so awesomely. After we played, everybody went to the Seniors v. Faculty game…not sure what exactly it was, lol. But anyway, about fifteen of the band geeks stayed in the auditorium and hung out. I was sitting along the back row between my friend Eric and Thomas (the guy who asked me to prom), and I somehow managed to sprawl myself out between them and get quite comfortable. Guys are very nice pillows, I must say.

But anyway, so I go up to my locker once school is out. Nobody’s in the hallway, ’cause pretty much everyone is gone. I start putting things in my backpack, and Thomas comes up behind me. I hear him say, “Lindsay, will you help me prove my mom wrong?” I kinda look at him with that “er…what?” expression on my face, and he said, “Will you go to prom with me?” I stare at him for a good thirty seconds before asking, “Why??” And he said, “Why not?” So, then I explained that I had to call my mom and ask if I could even go…so he was laughing at me while I called my mom to ask if I could go.

And apparently he just carries around $100 with him to pay for the stupid tickets.

So, yes.

I found my dress. I’ll put up a picture soon. I also have shoes and a purse, and I know what I’m doing with my hair.

Not bad for two days, right? lol.

So, yes. Prom is next weekend. I’m so excited. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Erm…guess what?

  1. two words:

    flirtation device.

    lol. but really, I am so excited for you!! You are going to have so much fun. And I’ll be waiting for a very detailed account so don’t forget anything. write it down or something. [the thought of a girl walking around with a pad and a pencil recording every happening at prom is very comical…wait, do you think the administration hires some scary secret spy to do that for them? so they can yell at all the “bad” people later? that would be soooo creepy. beware of the scary spy lady. you never know where she could pop up! or she could be disguised as a he!!! oh no!! whatever will you do??]


    i am so sorry. i suffer from extreme sleep deprevation. you’ll have to forgive me.

  2. I am _so_ not a flirtation device.

    And that’s a good idea…maybe I SHOULD go around with paper. lol.

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