It was awesome. One of the best nights of my life, I’d have to say. I mean, not the ultimate best or anything, but it was still wonderful. I was a bit late getting over to Ri’s…okay, so not late. It was before 6. However, Thomas decided to be a little early. So…a wee bit of conflict there. And then mum decided to get Kyle and Thomas confused…mehhh. But anyway, after enduring a photo shoot once Kyle got there and Mariah was ready, we left separately…hoping Kyle could follow Thomas. Heh. It was an…interesting car ride there. Not as awkward as I had feared, though. So, once we got there, it was a little before seven. It’s a very pretty place. We stood and talked for about half an hour, then sat down for dinner. There were mashed potatoes, green beans, and chicken, along with a salad and rolls. I was somewhat surprised at how tasty it was. The Seniors all got announced…and where they’re going to college. That was the one superbly boring part of the night. After that, the dance really started. I was mostly with Mariah, Rachel, and Dani, but I also danced with Katlyn and Sara…oh, and Kat and her senior friends. Everybody looked gorgeous. I think I slow danced with Thomas like, ten times. The poor bottom of my dress…I really need to have it taken up. XD Sometimes, being short creates problems. But anyway, when Cottoneye Joe came on, Rachel and I went to the back to actually do the dance. Everybody around us turned to watch. It was rather amusing. The emo couple of the night award goes to Rachel and Ian, with their lovely black attire. There’s really not much more to talk about. It was a great night, but there aren’t a lot of specific incidents to reference. I got home a little before 12:30. He walked me to my door. I pretty much crashed after that. Oh, and my iPod decided to let the alarm work for once on it, waking me up at 6:00 in the morning. I wasn’t terribly happy about that one.

Now, I’m still pretty tired. Mum let me sleep in until 11, then I pretty much vegged out on the couch in the basement until 1. I’m kind of still in…well, not exactly fairy-tale mode, because I’m not _that_ delusional. However, I’m kinda wondering if come Monday, everything will be back to normal…because I don’t really want it to.


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