Writing Week 1

Topic: Little things you take for granted

For our final choir/orchestra concert, the chamber choir sang a song called “The Awakening.” The beginning of this beautiful piece describes a world where one thing is absent. One little thing that people think about often, that often engulfs lives. But how often do people think about life without it?


A world without music, a world without sound. A world where everything is completely silent. No more love songs on the radio. For some, that might be a blessing in the beginning, but think about it. No singing “Jesus Loves Me” to your little brother. No “Amazing Grace” at church. No national anthem, no lullaby sung to a sleepless child. No birdsong in the morning, no wind rustles in the trees.

Music is God’s language. It is communication that doesn’t need words. It conveys messages that nothing else truly can. A world without music would be a living hell. Every time I imagine heaven, I hear music. Harps, flutes, voices raised up in praise of the Creator of Music, the Creator of Song.

In the Awakening, perhaps the most heartwrenching part is “No hallelujah, not one hosanna, no song of love, no lullaby.” But then, the song goes on. “Awake, awake,” and “give the glory to God alone.” Finally, “Awake, awake my soul and sing. The time for praise has come. The silence of the night has passed. A new day has begun. Let music never die in me. Forever let my spirit sing. Wherever emptiness is found, let there be joy and glorious sound. Let music never die in me. Forever let my spirit sing. Let all our voices join as one to praise the Giver of the song. Awake, awake. Let music live.” 


3 thoughts on “Writing Week 1

  1. ok….i’m finally done with mine…a little late, but oh well.

    what’s this week’s???

    guess what: I’m gonna make suggestions!! Hooray!! ok then.

    1. Your opinion on actors/actresses/singers/models attempting to involve themselves in every aspect of entertainment
    2. Your favorite thing to do outdoors
    3. Year Round school
    4. Allowance
    5. Kids, chores, and grades
    6. Top 5 things that identify who you are
    7. A memory from elementary
    8. A song you feel expresses who you are/how you feel presently

    okay. i’m done now. some of those are really dumb. but i tried!!

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