General Frustrations

Just by reading the title you can tell my mood. I’ve been working with my blog for nearly an hour now, and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. My main problem is that the little blue bar that’s supposed to help me with my editing decided to take an early vacation without prior warning. While this is acceptable (or at least consistent) behaviour from my muse, I really can’t handle it elsewhere in life.

I also cannot find a theme I really like. Many are boring, or don’t have the custom header option. As I’m no wiz with computers, I can’t simply make my own. Also, having so many friends with blogs limits my options, and I don’t like repeating. So, now, I’ve stolen Emi B’s look and put in a different header.

My general frustrations with the real world include babysitting and a lack of money, along with very few social events and missing friends. Which reminds me: I should write some letters. In any case, I need to finish passing out my babysitting flyers (fliers, or whatever you call them), because I need earn some more money during the summer. You see, mum doesn’t feel like paying for a mission trip again, so if I go on one, I have to get the money some other way. Stealing isn’t really an option, so it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of babysitting. I suppose I could get a real job, but there’s the problem that I don’t have a car…or even a permit.

So, there are my problems. I felt the need to vent, but you don’t have to feel the need to read. But, if you’re reading this, you probably read all that, too.


One thought on “General Frustrations

  1. hey, has the bar fixed itself yet? I’m sorry; I have no earthly idea of how to make it reappear…I’m not much help, I know.

    But I can give you an air hug! *huggles*

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