Yesterday, I babysat for my neighbour in the morning. I had the great pleasure of watching only her youngest son, two-year-old Conner. (I do believe that’s how his name is spelled…I could be wrong, though.) Anyway, the day consisted of mostly, “Come here, Lindsay!” or “Help me, Lindsay!” My name usually came out more like “Linny.” While exploring the jungles of the upstairs, Conner stopped in his brother Tyler’s room and picked up a wallet lying around. He shook it, and out fell a quarter. “Money!” he squealed with a huge grin on his face. He walked around with it, though I said, “Put it back; it’s Tyler’s.” He replied with, “No, it’s mine,” to that. Within a few moments, he went back to the wallet. “Oh, you’re going to put it back?” I asked. Heh. I was mistaken. He shook it vigorously, making two pennies fall out. He then collected those as well and took them in his room. (Don’t worry; he eventually gave them to me, so they’re back in Tyler’s room.)

 Today, Raegan was asking if I had any camps that would interfere with me subbing on a few days. “I don’t know…cheerleading camp…?” I laughed, then said, “I’m in band.” So, the other lady in there asked me what instrument I play. [Heh. The really funny part: I was wearing my band shirt.]


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