A Day in the Life…of…well, me.


I never realized how much I enjoy Sundays. Even if I don’t do anything, I have a feeling of accomplishment on Sundays. A new week has begun, and I’m still living! Of course, there are other happy things to acknowledge. I worked in the nursery today during church service. There was a new little girl (at least, new to me) who came in crying. This wasn’t the soft, sniffle crying; it was the screaming, kicking, big crocodile tears crying. Well, she calmed down while sitting in my lap and playing with a ball. Eventually, she was perfectly fine and played with the other kids. Near the end of service, she ran over to where I was sitting and gave me a hug. Little kids are so precious. =) Donna was working back there with me. I always think of her as Jolie’s grandmother, and I have a hard time remembering her name. Anyway, I was telling her about color guard and band camp. She started talking about some guy she knows who is sixteen, really cute, and really nice who is going to band camp at the same time, so she was wondering if we were going to the same place. For some reason, God took that time to wipe my mind blank (and I ask forgiveness if it was simply my own stupidity), so I couldn’t remember what the place was called or where it was. She was saying that the kid recently broke up with his girlfriend and needs a girl from our church. I wouldn’t doubt it if my face had been on fire by that point, but since there isn’t a mirror in the nursery, I’m not sure.

Aside from all the Sunday talk, I got the 7th Harry Potter. I was simply going to wait until Katie finished reading, but my mom went ahead and bought it for me. The frustrating thing is the presense of unread library books and borrowed books that need to be returned soon in my room. Only after I finish all those (probably four or five…) books can I begin to re-read the HP series, which I really must do before I read numero siete. It has been much too long since I’ve sifted through the mysterious world of Harry Potter. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m sitting here typing instead of reading. I pretty much fail.


One thought on “A Day in the Life…of…well, me.

  1. careful… you wait too long fpr Harry Potter and you will be bombarded with spoilers and basically know the book by the back of your hand. I got done with the book yesterday nd it’s awesome. also, you don’t really need to be caught up on much.

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