This one time, at band camp…

I feel so clean right now. I never realized how good it felt to simply be clean. After a week of being hot, sweaty, dusty, dirty, and all manner of gross things, I’m loving this fresh feeling. I had a hard time getting out of my shower. Anybody who knows me knows my extreme need for cleanliness and neatness. My room is generally a disaster, but I need to look presentable. Being coated in dirt and sweat really doesn’t do much for me. However, I’m alive and clean once again.

 I’ll give you a rundown of band camp. We left Sunday afternoon and began pretty soon after we got there. Every morning we had to be out and ready by 6:15am, which meant my room was generally up around 5:30am. The only exception was Thursday, when we got an extra hour of sleep and got to go straight to breakfast. We basically worked our tails off all day long, except for an hour break before sectionals and the two hour break before dinner. We came back to our rooms between 9:00 and 10:00pm, in time to see or participate in whatever activity was going on that night. Or, like I did…get more (junk) food. Everybody had to be in there rooms by 10:45, and lights out was at 11:00pm.

Despite all the pain, soreness, tiredness, and plain insanity, band camp was a great deal of fun. My room had ten other girls in it, all of whom are amazing. Raquel and Jessica were our little sophomores, the perfect little angels. Kara is the only senior girl. The rest of us were juniors: the Emilys, Mariah, Dani, Rachel, Hannah, and Allison. We had a few spazzy times, but it was all good. The room inspecting people hated our room for some reason, no matter how hard we tried. We pretty much gave up, and I found out today that the GUYS scored higher than us while we were still trying. Completely unfair. (Oh, for those who weren’t there…whoever gets the highest score gets to go swimming after we’re supposed to be in our rooms, and whoever wins for the week gets pizza.)

Food was decent. Edible, at least. Their breakfasts were questionable many days, but not horrid or anything. I absolutely love the sweet tea the camp has. Amazing stuff, it is.  Our coach/whatever brought us grapes, carrots, and asparagus (Allison’s fault) one day during sectionals. The eight girls in color guard finished off all the grapes and the majority of the carrots. Allison ate the asparagus (and I ate two pieces). It was amazing.

So, there are tons of those “this one time, at band camp…” stories. We have our “Left…left…left, right, left…” song and Kyle’s solo. There’s elephant butts, falling in ditches, people falling out of golf carts, pudgykins the panda, card games, talent shows, chipped teeth, wasp stings, falling off beds (and other things that go with that), “just so you know” and “fyi.” There were conversations about babies and guys, and all the drama that seems to revolve around me. And yes, I know: I do it to myself. If I’d learn to stop flirting…but that’s another story.

I’m incredibly tired, so I think all my band stuff is going to end after I say that color guard shared the “outstanding camper” award with a senior guy. The whole color guard. It was fairly amusing, especially since we couldn’t even here what the award guy was saying, hindering our comprehension. Oh! Our show went amazingly well for the color guard. I zoned in to what I was doing and didn’t hear the band, so I don’t know how well they did. Well, that’s about it, considering that I have family over and should probably get offline.


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