A Safe Return.

I know: it’s been forever. I’ve been held from writing due to color guard, which is now at practices for nine hours a week, plus any competitions or games we have on the weekends. In addition to this, school (especially AP Chemistry) is draining my remaining time. In truth, I should be editing my personal narrative for AP English, which is now sitting lifeless beside me. The red ink bled all over it is certainly a hint as to how much work I’ll have to eventually put into the editing.

Emily has managed to infect me with her chronic headaches, since it seems like not a day goes by anymore when I don’t have a massive, incapacitating pain in my temples. This is probably due to the large whack I received from my flagpole during hurricane-like winds during practice last week. Okay, so I exaggerate. Let me make myself feel a little better about my clumsiness. =)

We had our first competition this weekend. This probably deserves its own, private post, so I’ll leave it for now.


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