Peacemakers. Such an odd word, in a world filled with terrible strife. Everything is always about getting the upper hand, having control, having power. We pity those beneath us, envy or hate those above us. The world revolves around self. But we, as Christians, are called to be peacemakers.

Simple enough, eh? Make an illusionary world filled with cotton candy and rainbows, then it’s easy. But out in the real world, fixing conflict isn’t something so simply done. Especially since there is a severe lack of empathy in the hearts of most people. What is the point of being a peacemaker? Is it to make the world a more peaceful place for SELF? De ninguna manera! (By no means!) The whole POINT is to fix things for OTHERS. However, this doesn’t mean that we should make people into projects to be fixed. Dehumanize them, just to recreate what we think should be there.

Who are we to judge God’s creation? Maybe we should start walking around in the shoes of our worst enemey from time to time. Or even our best friend.


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