Revelations. [no, that’s not a book in the Bible]

Life without power is miserable.

People tend to mob stores for batteries, flashlights, etc.

And I hate my job.

So, power went out Sunday afternoon. And, of course, I had to go to work. I was in electronics. Lucky me. We were short on people for multiple reasons, but mostly due to the weather. Trees are weapons, my dear friends.

I’ll post a picture of my backyard at some point, which is now a treeless expanse of grass, mulch, and a smattering of plants. Well, now it’s treeless. It was very full of tree Sunday and Monday. Very full.

I had physical therapy today, for my hand. As if the constant remembrance isn’t enough, now I have to deal with the repercussions of an event that took place months ago and still affects my everyday life. I’m in a mood to complain, in case that wasn’t obvious from the get-go. Anyway, my hand was aching for a good couple of hours after therapy. My left hand is stronger than my right, apparently. And since I’m right-handed, this obviously isn’t a good thing. So, I’m supposed to do these funky exercises to get my right hand up to par and back in shape. I feel almost athletic, being in physical therapy. Okay, that was a joke.

All-state band music is scaring me. I’m not sure if I’m gonna try out. I adore the first half of the music, slow, pretty…complicated, yet I can play it. The second part is disastrously fast, making it unenjoyable to play. Perhaps I can blame my hand for the slowness in my fingers.

As therapeutic as my ranting has been, I will end it here, since I’m tired and want to take a shower…one that’s NOT in the dark.

(Though after spell-checking this, it seems that unenjoyable is not a word. Ohwells.)


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