Speed Limits

You know you’re too used to speeding when frustration builds as you drive behind a “slow” car…and look down at the spedometer and realize that you’re going ten over the speed limit on a narrow, windy curve at night. I never thought I’d be one to speed, but once I get behind the wheel, I never want to stop. Keep driving, keep pushing the limit, just see how far I can go. But, I remember that I have laws to follow, and fear of punishment keeps me from pushing too far.

I sometimes take the curve by by neighborhood too fast, disregarding the vivid yellow sign reflecting warnings in my eyes. I feel the rough grating of the edge of the road, reminding me to slow down before I run my beautiful car into a tree.

You can’t rush through life, speeding on ahead of yourself. You’ll trip, you’ll fall. You’ll get hurt. There are bumps and bruises anyway, but trying to get away with breaking the rules just gets you caught. The speed limits are there to keep you safe, and to keep others safe. They have a purpose besides killing your speed high. They keep YOU from getting killed. I’m trying not to resent the limits placed on life right now, and realize that they’re just guiding me, keeping me in check.


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