Groundhog Day

I haven’t been writing much lately. I simply lack motivation. During the recent ice storm, I had plenty of spare time. My inspiration seems to have disappeared. But, writing about plain, boring, real life is still writing, and maybe it’ll give me something to work with.

Life is pretty crazy right now. We’re ordering our graduation announcements and such. Graduation. I’m so ready to leave highschool behind. I want to leave the drama, the bad memories, the immaturity…all that. And I want to take my friends, the happy memories, and everything I’ve learned with me.

Facebook kinda absorbs my time, and I often make bumper sticker references. One said, “You don’t go through highschool to find your husband. You find your bridesmaids.” I’ve gone through a lot of heartache in highschool, mostly because of silly decisions I made for myself. But my friends are awesome, and I’m hanging on to them as long as I can.

I’m ready for college. Granted, I’m waiting on scholarship information, so I’m not sure _which_ college I’m going to. National Merit Finalists are supposed to be announced at school tomorrow, or at least, the school will know. It’s a huge deal for me. My other friends seem to think there’s no possibility of not making it, but I’m a bit worried.

Groundhog Day. That is such an utterly pointless holiday. And it doesn’t even make sense!

I’m running pretty short on money. Target is giving me fewer and fewer hours…it’s getting ridiculous. My paycheck (yay, Friday) will be around $50. I’ll even verify that once it gets deposited in my bank account. =P But there are so many things I want to do! I need to be saving for summer, and any trip that might happen then. Senior trip is going to cost about $350 more, and I’m not sure how much the band trip will cost. Hopefully, I’ll start getting my 16 hours a week back at work, because those give me somewhat decent paychecks.

I should probably work on homework. Senioritis is not fun.


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