My Castle

I’m an utter book nerd, and things from books stick in my head. The idea of castles in the air came from Little Women, which I read in fifth grade. I created my own happy place, even though the “castles in the air” for Jo, Meg, etc., were their hopes, dreams, and ambitions. But, I used to envision this world whenever I felt upset, or just needed an escape from reality.

I always picture my world at night, with a crescent moon hanging in the sky. The stars are brighter than you see in Kentucky, glowing gold and silver. My castle is a strange building, made of ethereal material. It’s sort of like glass panels, but a pale pink shade shines off the building, because of the reflection of the moon. It shifts in color, depending on how I want to see it. There are fields of wildflowers everywhere…in every colour imaginable.


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