Java Chip Lovin’

I worked today, bright and early at 8 a.m. Before you stop reading because this is at work, just know that it gets better as it goes along. I was lucky enough to be working on a non-sexist day because I got to be in electronics. I kinda just chilled for the first hour or so, since nobody in their right mind shops at 8 a.m. Brian, one of the executives, walked by and told me that I had to get a RedCard (aka, Target Visa) by 10 a.m. The store is almost dead…that was unlikely. Fast forward to 9:50, and a lady opens up a Target Visa and saves $180…which means that was a nearly $2000 transaction. Anyway, Brian gets on the walkie, laughing, and says he owes me lunch. (I end up getting a Java Chip frappacino, which is pretty much the equivalent of love.)

Once I get off my lunch, Christine updated me on what was going on back in electronics. There was a guy standing behind me, giving me this strange look…then says, “Did you just start?” I was a little confused by this question, and said “Um” to stall for time. Luckily, this little girl showed up asking if I could get a game out of the case for her. I looked back at the guy, shrugged apologetically, then walked with the girl to the game case. As I walked back, I noticed that the guy is still watching me, sort of following me. Time passes, and he wandered off somewhere.

I tell Megan about the guy, kinda wondering. Then Megan says that she thought I knew him, that he was my boyfriend or something (far from it.) I had no idea who this kid was. So, I’m doing my job, putting up strays and stuff. I go over to the disney movies and pick up a couple things, and I see the guy again out of the corner of my eye. He walks around the movies, then comes back toward me. And here’s a summary of what he said: “I know you’re working, and you’re busy and all…but, I live over in [such and such], and I hang out here a lot, and my name is [didn’t catch the name], and I like to eat, and I’m pretty sure you like to eat, too, so maybe we could go out to eat sometime and catch a movie…?”

I’m sure my face was fire engine red. I managed to stammer out, “I don’t think that’d be a good idea…” and as he walked away, “but…thanks!” Being the talkative person that I am, I go and tell Seth this whole story. Seth calls me a pimp, laughs at me, and says that the other kid must’ve liked my hair.


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