The Closing of a Chapter, the Beginning of Another

Senior year. It’s coming to a dramatic close. It’s a fairly epic tale, at least in the life of a teenaged girl overwhelmed by an endless ocean of drama. There are still things I need to do, quests I need to wrap up here in this last segment of our highschool program. I’m not quite a dragon-slaying heroine, but the analogy works alright. Most of my classes have started to wind down, except for Economics (where Bobby Brown forces us to take a final) and AP Psych (where chaos reigns). I sometimes miss simpler days, when I knew what was going on. At least then I thought I could handle it all. Now, the stress tends to get to me a little too easily, and distant problems creep closer and closer until they bare their teeth right in my face. Too bad the logical side of my brain doesn’t like to be dominant.


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