Inspired by Awkwardness

Awkwardness can be a tool. Fill a room with socially challenged people, and you’ll create a psychologist’s dream world. Or maybe their worst nightmare. In any case, throw a “luau” for a bunch of college kids in the honors program and you’ve got an explosion of uneasiness. Individual quirks begin to shine through after a while. There are the kids who sit on the far side of the couch. There is the guy who rests his elbow on the table, tapping his fingers idly on his cheek. And there are the groups of girls who sit in circles, staring at each other and asking vague questions. They aren’t really interested in the answers. They’re just trying to breathe in the thick air of…well, awkwardness. And then there are the question balls. Ice-breaking games. A bunch of bull. If you want to socialize, you will. You don’t bond through questions on over-sized beach balls. You bond through experiences and laughter. You bond through mutual attraction. You bond with the people you naturally gravitate toward.

Well. I feel like writing again, which wasn’t exactly the goal of this experience. I did, however, meet quite a few interesting people, most of which I’d like to see again. So maybe the ice-breaking games and color-coordinated groups did accomplish something. They gave us something we all agreed on.


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