Wandering thoughts of a tired mind.

Sometimes I wonder how many hearts are just like mine. How many minds are questioning? How many people are searching? So many answers lie just out of reach. Right now, I feel like I’ve swum out too deep. I’m barely treading water. This loneliness is causing my very soul to ache! It’s nothing new. I’ve been this way before. I guess I’m now starting to wonder if I’m worth being serious about. I wonder if I’m anything more than a girl to have fun with for a while, and then leave whenever the time is up. I know I’m too young to doubt my prospects in life, but knowing that doesn’t kill this longing inside of me to be held and cuddled and just…loved. I’ve made so many mistakes. My past is full of problems, some still unresolved. My present feels like the aftermath of a battlefield. Just tired. Tired, and alone. Logically, I know that I have high chances of finding someone that I may actually be able to spend the rest of my life with. But that doesn’t help me right now, as I sit wondering about the future, hearing nothing but the sound of my typing and the bugs outside.


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