I don’t know why you say goodbye; I say hello.

Everything is new.

Well, that’s a lie. My best friend is right behind me, the same best friend from the past [I don’t even know how many] years. And my other best friend is just a short walk away. My flute is still as shiny and pretty as ever. My clothes are all the same, plus a few free t-shirts I’ve accumulated over the past week.

But this isn’t home.

It’s college.

It’s strange to look out the window and see all the lives passing by. People on the streets, people in the dorms across from our building…they’re all here, experiencing what I’m experiencing. Walking to classes that are a mile away, eating at an all-you-care-to-eat buffet right on the first floor of my dorm – it’s all part of the experience. The roommate, the bunked beds, the community showers, the voices filling the halls at all hours of the night – it’s certainly different than home.

My classes seem alright enough. I have my honors course in the ancient world. That class will probably be a beast, but the professor is entertaining, and I know I’ll learn a TON. Then there’s “basic ideas of biology.” That class will be a joke. All multiple choice. A smattering of papers to write. Definitely not a challenge, just perhaps an annoyance with the whole evolution thing. I have a religion and politics class titled “One Nation Under God.” I thought it sounded interesting, but the first class may be foreboding a boring, strenuous time. Basic Public Speaking might kill me. End of story. I haven’t had my educational psychology class yet, or band, but I’m actually excited about those. I guess the professor could make or break those classes.

Well. I’m going to study now, since that seems to be an integral part of college life. I’ll try to keep in touch with all my nonexistent readers. =]


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