College Life

I’m not experiencing it. Well, I suppose I technically am, but seriously. College is supposed to be about parties, alcohol, sex, and no consequences. Do what you want, since nobody cares. Have fun. You only live once. I don’t drink, so the party scene isn’t really my thing. I take life too seriously to just throw away what I’ve got. Don’t get me wrong; I love college. The freedom is incredible. Some of the professors actually want you to learn. There’s knowledge here. William T. Young Library is both beautiful and filled with resources. I love the vast array of people. So many cultures collide and mingle on campus. But the cliche view of college life just isn’t for me.

Halloween is coming up. I may go costume shopping tomorrow with my boyfriend. However, this all depends on if I finish reading the Aeneid and take notes for my communications class. Oh, and do the self-critique for my last speech. I’m definitely not short on homework. Next semester will probably be worse, since I’ll be taking seventeen hours. I’m at sixteen right now, but concert band has already ended. I’m tempted to post some of my papers, but they’re incredibly long. I want to do more creative writing, or at least writing that is important to me. However, I fail at coming up with topics.


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