I’m such a nerd.

I knew it. I’ve always know it. Except, sometimes, I’m not nerdy enough. Weird, huh? Honors 101 is an interesting class, and not a difficult one. We read, and we discuss. Unfortunately, my discussion skills are greatly lacking. With my online verbosity, one would never guess that. Or perhaps that would lead one to conclude that I write to make up for my lack of verbal communication. I really don’t have that much of a problem talking. I would simply rather not speak unless I had reasoning to back my opinions. I can make observations amongst friends, but in intelligent discussion, I’d rather keep my uneducated opinions to myself. Perhaps if I had a greater knowledge base, I’d be more comfortable speaking up during class. Instead, I remain silent, merely listening to my peers as they speak.

Then again, I’m frustrated beyond belief at the seeming idiocy of my educational psychology class. Perhaps I’m a little harsh. They aren’t psychology majors. They’re education majors, some music education. Some people seem to think that psychology is a set of rules, like mathematics. It’s not that simple, especially with children. Most of the theories we study are common sense, but people tend to over-complicate them. However, I have had the benefit of AP Psychology, which introduced me to most of the terminology before this class. Who knows? Maybe I should stop judging.

I wish we’d start up writing weeks again. Too bad I have no ideas. Topics are always hardest for me. Once I have a topic, I can go on forever. But until then, I’m stuck. Or I find something cliche to write about, unable to come up with something more profound. Like now. I’m writing about school. How boring can I get?

Maybe I’ll start a photo journal, and write about my photos. My early Christmas present was a beautiful Nikon d5000. If I had more time and better weather, I’d go out and take pictures around campus. Any other ideas, my wonderful (nonexistent) readers? Silence. Of course.


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