Losing Sleep Over You.

Everyone should have to serve their time. At some point in their lives, they need to work in retail. People need to understand that it isn’t right to leave Starbucks cups wherever they go, to dump clothes on the ground and not pick them up, to expect electronics employees to read their minds and know what their grandchildren want for Christmas.

I don’t flippin’ WANT to know what your grandchild wants for Christmas, or how much trouble you have doing your shopping three days before Christmas when you’re looking for the most popular toy this season. Your fault. You’re stupid for waiting. And NO, you CANNOT demand my attention when there are four other people waiting in line patiently, and NO, you cannot drag me away from the counter when I’m helping someone else just because you are in a hurry!

Beyond that, I’m home. I made it through finals week and established a 4.0 GPA for my first semester of college. =] I miss my boyfriend terribly, and think it’s a darn shame that he lives over three hours away in Hicksville, USA. (Not like anywhere else in Kentucky is much better.) I’ve realized I have no friends (besides my wonderful roomie Emily, who doesn’t really leave her house much, so we don’t hang out much…no offense love. =] ). I miss having my big group of friends. Now I’m lucky if I get so much as a facebook message from any of them. I have some guy friends that I hang out with, but they don’t know how to treat me. I’m expected to have guy humor, but get insulted for being a female? I can’t be BOTH. Gosh. Anyway, they’re pretty cool. But I miss having girl friends.

Being home is weird. I have to ask permission to go places (ugh). I’m paying for food, and not with a meal plan. I don’t have Starbucks to wake me up, and working at Target has completely messed up my sleep schedule. In fact, I have to be there again in three hours and forty five minutes, after probably no sleep. Such joy. There are a lot of unresolved issues here, too. Problems simply shoved aside, hoping that if left untouched, they’ll merely disappear. Instead, they’re causing massive headaches on my end.

I’m ready to go back to Lexington, and it’s not even Christmas yet.


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