Candy Canes.

I’m ready to go back to Lexington. I’ve been home for about two and a half weeks now. Work is getting old (well, it IS work), and I haven’t seen much profit from it yet. I don’t get paid again until next Friday, which is only two days before I go back to Lexington. Hopefully, this paycheck will be a nice one. I’m expecting upwards of $400. That may or may not actually happen, depending on how taxes decide to play out.

I wore my candy cane earrings today. They are heart-shaped, so people probably didn’t notice that I wore Christmas earrings on January 1st. I don’t even like candy canes. They become a sticky mess before you finish them, and you certainly can’t save a candy cane for later. When I end up throwing half of it away, I feel both messy AND wasteful. The miniature candy canes are okay.

Obviously, I’m still lacking inspiration. Politics is always a fun topic, but I’d rather not go there. Requires too much thought to debate intelligently.


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