Personal Training

Motivation has never been my strong point. I give up easily; if I’m not instantly talented, it’s a waste of my time. In academics, I do just enough to “achieve,” or get the A. I rarely go above and beyond the necessary effort. All of this is a bit paradoxical, as I loathe being mediocre at anything, and I know the only way to surpass mediocrity is through effort and practice.

However, now I won’t be allowed to give up on something: exercise.

That’s right. Couch Potato Queen is getting off her lazy butt. Facebook Creeper Extraordinaire must leave her room (and her MacBook) behind and face the real world of physical movement. And she’s not that happy about it.

My friend decided it’d be a good idea for me (and for her) to start up personal training. It actually started out just for her, since she’s gone completely crazy over getting in shape for Spring Break. But then she found out that if she has a “group,” she can get with the personal trainer more often. It’s free on campus, so she definitely wanted to take advantage of that. And, voila, I got dragged into this quagmire of athleticism.

I’ll probably not make it past the first day.

Obviously, I expect very little of myself. But we’ll just have to see how this goes. Maybe I’ll get in shape and actually like it. Lose a bit of the baby fat that I’ve never been able to diminish on my belly. Get rid of those “love-handles” that I hate so much.

Oh. And it’s supposed to snow this weekend. Anywhere between 0 inches and 15 inches, which I find to be the most BS forecast I’ve ever heard in my life. The current estimation for my area is 2″-5″…but the forecast back home claimed we would get 4″-8″. Oh, weathermen. How misguided you are…


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