Reality has a liberal bias.

All this talk of healthcare reform is bringing out the worst side in both political parties. It’s ugly. The name-calling continues to escalate throughout the debates and discussions. Who am I kidding? There’s no debate. There’s no discussion. It’s a fiasco, a fist-fight with words. Nobody’s backing down, and nobody offers other feasible solutions. It’s absurd that grown men and women can’t simply talk without throwing out extreme accusations. Grow up, America. Cool your jets.

Now, in my own opinion, healthcare reform is a necessity. Fifty-eight million people in the United States are without healthcare. This screams “PROBLEM” to me. Perhaps this bill won’t help everything. It might even hurt a bit. But something NEEDS to be done. Perhaps we can learn through trial and error. I think it’s a step in the right direction. Healthcare coverage is a right people deserve to have. People shouldn’t suffer because they can’t afford the doctor, not in a country this powerful. How can we deny our citizens the basics of life?

I haven’t read the bill (obviously), but from what I here, there is no mention of fire, brimstone, and the end of the world. I’m pretty sure Armageddon isn’t right around the corner. If it doesn’t work, there’s time to fix it. But we have to do something. It’s not a matter of morals. It’s a social issue, and the government’s job is to fix social issues.

Feel free to comment, complain, yell, scream, or whatever. Not like anyone reads my stuff in the first place.


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