Facebook Etiquette

Now, I’m hardly one to talk. I update my status frequently, and usually it’s nothing exciting, and sometimes it’s about something nobody cares about. But what truly grates on my nerves is when people post their personal issues all over facebook. And getting angry when people comment just compounds my annoyance. If you don’t want people to say anything, don’t put it on the internet! It’s one thing to get irritated when someone’s being a jerk to you about something. But when your status says “Ppl suck & i hate life and blahblahblah,” don’t go ballistic when someone asks “What’s wrong?”

Another issue. Do NOT argue about your FREAKING LOVE LIFE over Facebook. “I wish you’d stop arguing with me.” “Well maybe you should be more considerate” “Well blah blah blah…”


AND. Don’t get mad when someone says “hey guys, what’s going on?” on your facebook. If it’s there for everyone to see, don’t tell someone to stay out of it. Maybe you should quit invading their PUBLIC with your PRIVATE.

One more issue. Do NOT rant about someone in your status as if you’re talking to them. Say it to their face, or don’t say it at all. “OMG, she is such a jerk, I can’t stand her. You should just take yourself outta here, ’cause I’m not gonna take it anymore.” Okay, that’s great. But. There’s no need to tell all of Facebook just how badass you are. Nobody freaking cares.


P.S. I realize I’m breaking some of my own rules in this rant, but this is a blog, not Facebook.

The end.


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