Dead Faith

In the midst of tragedy, everyone wants their condolences to be heard. They publicly lament the loss of others and utter such phrases as “I’ll pray for…[insert noun here].” Perhaps I have a bitter, cold heart, but these claims ring hollow to my ears. Prayer is only as good as the hands of those who speak to God. In many cases, there is nothing to do but pray. When all hope is lost and only God can intervene, pray away and find comfort with God. But in other instances, YOU should be God. Christians take a vow to BE His hands and feet; Christians should bring God’s love and help themselves, not merely pray. Perhaps God is a socialist who gives handouts. But any educated person knows that socialism only works when each person plays their part. Obviously, in this flawed world, this is unachievable. But as Christians, should we not emulate the giving Creator, who gave his All for us? I want to be His hands and feet to the world, not merely a mouth that utters useless, hollow words.


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